Our History

The history of Calvary Church stretches back to 1918, when a holiness preacher by the name of Edgar Grant began holding tent services in Woodstock. The year before, while attending a revival meeting in Washburn ME (northwest of Presque Isle) under the ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson, Rev. Grant received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Soon those following the leadership of Rev. Grant moved to the Orange Hall on Victoria Street and next moved to Cole’s Hall on Connell Street.

In 1920, during Bible Convention, Rev. John Deering preached on the “Finished Work of Calvary”, showing how that one did not need to tarry for the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. During this same convention Rev. Grant was taught and received the revelation of Baptism in Jesus name. At the close of that convention he publicly proclaimed his intention to baptize all future candidates in Jesus Name!

After Rev. Grant’s death in 1921 the church moved to a hall over the Old Farmer’s Store. From there the church moved to a hall above Jone’s Music Store and in 1947, under the direction of Rev. Stanley McConaghy a church building was constructed on Park Street.

On May 9, 1977 ground was broke on the present facility and the congregation moved in on October 23 of that same year.

Other ministers who have served this congregation include: Carol & Susie Davis, W. J. Rolston, Tom McAfee, Earle Jacques, Claude Jones, Howard Hatt, Howard Reed, Percy Robertson, James Lewis, Buryl Cross, David Curtis, Vernon Bustard, Gary Bartlett, David Ferrell, David Gee, Craig Sully and is presently pastored by Rev. Michael Wittmeier.

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