Going Green!

“…God, keep our land glorious and free…”

With the COVID-19 emergency order lifted, the government of New Brunswick no longer will be able to restrict our constitutional rights and freedoms of assembly, expression, or enterprise. It’s great to freely Experience New Life together; worship together, learn the Word together, and pray together at Calvary Church!

Everyone can attend both Sunday services (10:30 AM and 6:00 PM).

The 10:30 AM service will have preaching and worship for everyone (adults, teens, and kids) together.

In the 6:00 PM service, the adults and teenagers will have worship and a sermon/study series in the main sanctuary. The 6:00 PM service will also include kid-specific ministry for children (ages 2-11) in the lower hall of the church.

While we, as a congregation, will enjoy the freedom from the PPE requirements, distancing, and capacity restrictions. We want everyone to know that we warmly welcome and support all who want to continue to exercise personal health precautions (like wearing a mask, distancing when feeling unwell, etc). Common sense will continue to guide all cleaning and sanitizing procedures. A gracious approach to those who have different tolerances or opinions will allow unity to prevail, and Jesus Christ to be the focus of our togetherness.

Sunday Services will continue to be streamed online at https://www.facebook.com/CalvaryUPC.Woodstock/ for those who cannot attend in person.

RightNow Media video library

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We Love Woodstock

At Calvary, we identify our local outreach efforts as an expression of our purpose. To show the love of God to our world.

You may even see this logo attached to a cold water bottle that you receive on a hot summer day, or a hot chocolate on a cold, wintery day!

When you see this logo on signs in the community, you can know we will be hosting an outreach event at that location. This message of love is attached to all of Calvary’s outreach print promotions. Look for it in the local newspaper and in your mailbox.