Church Inside

You can attend a Sunday service indoors! It’s great to be able to worship together, learn the Word together, and pray together at Calvary Church and experience new life!

“Drive-In Church” was fun, but eventually you gotta get out!

The congregation has made room for you to attend by dividing into groups and attending scheduled services so that each service has the availability for guests to attend.

If you have not already confirmed which service (10:30 AM or 6:00 PM) that you wish to attend, contact us HERE; this will help us to anticipate and prepare for the number of attendees in each service.

The 10:30 AM service will also include kid-specific ministry for the children with the adults in the main sanctuary to support distancing and hygiene.

We have taken many precautionary measures to align with governmental health and safety requirements. We ask that all congregants follow the instructions of the attendants and ushers; they will provide directions for physical distancing (6-feet apart), hand & respiratory hygiene, and health/travel screening.

A few notable considerations for congregants:

  • Maintain a 6-foot distance from anyone outside your household/bubble.
  • Refrain from physical contact.
  • Ushers/Attendants who will be supporting congregants will have personal protective equipment.
  • Anyone who wants to wear a mask is encouraged to do so.
  • The building will be sanitized between services; (all personal items should be taken)
  • Note the health/travel screening questions below; follow the instructions accordingly.
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