First Nations Evangelist Stan Wilt


THURSDAY, FEB 27th – 7:30 PM

Stan and Cynthia Wilt are Missionary Evangelists to our Native American Population in the United States and Canada.  Their mandate is that “no Tribe should be left behind.”

The scope of work that Bro. and Sis. Wilt will be involved with finds them assisting Pastors who have a desire to minister to and among the Native American in the surrounding community or on a nearby Reservation.

They will assist in the founding of daughter works, training potential pastors and teaching the non-native how to work among these Noble People. It is vital that after starting a work a Native American be trained to lead the congregation.

The scope is tremendous but the need is even greater: alcoholism, drug abuse, unemployment up to 90%, teen suicide, 50+% high school dropout rate, gang affiliation, life expectancy of a Native American male on some Reservations is 48 and a female is 52 years of age, and the stats continue on. Yes, the task is great and the cost of involvement is high, but when a compassionate church with burden and vision partners with a preacher who will go and a God who gives great victory then overwhelming revival is the result.

Join with us, that not one person, not one Tribe be left behind.

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