Kids Day

Calvary Church will be hosting a Kids Day on Sunday, March 17th!

  • 10:30 AM & 6:00 PM will be kids services featuring “God’s Handywork” kids ministry; evangelists Tim & Yvonne Rimmer.
  • All ages welcome!
    • Note: Due to mild weather/rain forecast and thus wet, slushy snow, we have called off the AM sliding party. We are so happy that The Rimmers are available to be with us both services on Sunday!!
Tim & Yvonne Rimmer

GOD’S HANDYWORK (Tim & Yvonne Rimmer) offers power-packed evangelistic services that minister to the young and the young at heart. We use a wide variety of awesome puppets, object lessons, ballooning, get-up and dance action songs, gospel illusions, scientific experiments, clowning, stories, and drama!!

TIM RIMMER: Tim has been ministering to groups of all ages for 20+ years. Before becoming a Children’s Evangelist, he taught Sunday school and children’s church. Tim has a creative personality and incorporates a dynamic blend of illusions, balloons and puppets into a power-packed Holy Ghost anointed service that will minister to any church’s needs. His character, Handy Dandy was developed to connect to the children at their level. He will leave them scratching their heads as he performs a variety of illusions that will baffle any age group. Using silly props and plenty of audience participation he is planting seeds of scripture deep within each child’s heart. The lessons taught allow the children to understand Biblical truths that will be remembered for years to come. Handy Dandy has been known to bring mystery, lollygags, and laughter to every service he attends. His outgoing personality and quick-witted humor always achieves him instant rapport with his audience. Watch the excitement fill the air as Handy Dandy pulls his ventriloquist puppets, Little Ed, Brussel Sprout and Cee-Jay out of their backpacks and instantly bring them to life. The puppets relate to the kids with their life-like daily trials and struggles as they look to Handy Dandy for approval and direction.

YVONNE RIMMER: Yvonne is an accredited author and licensed counselor.  Yvonne currently writes a lot of the lessons you will see during a GHW service. She is instrumental in writing the schedules, helping in set design and keeping the service flowing backstage, while joining Handy Dandy at times as Sunflower. Sunflower loves to keep Handy Dandy on his toes as he never knows what she has in store. She also joins Handy Dandy in the worship part of the service to encourage the children and adults to get involved.

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