The Point of Low Points

The point of low pointsA Sunday-Morning Sermon Series

You’ve heard the saying, “Just hit the high points.”  It speaks to a desire to eliminate the unavoidable, mundane, inconvenient, even uncomfortable things that fill in the blanks between the highlights; the low points.

Yet, all of us have low points. Some of us hide them better than others. Some of us couldn’t hide these low points even if we wanted to. We all go through valley-experiences in life. These times that we wish we could avoid; and we wonder “why is this happening to me?”

Joseph’s life is described in the book of Genesis. He has been called “the Jesus of the Old Testament”.  In this Sunday-morning series, Pastor Mike takes a look at how the life of Joseph helps us realize that even when we don’t know why we go through low points, we can know that there is a reason why. God knows the point of low points and He will help you through every valley, just like He did with Joseph.

This sermon series follows the outline of the book, “The Point of Low Points” by Ken Gurley. You can buy the book online.

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