UnFrozen Christmas Program

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You are invited! Dec 13th 10:30 AM Calvary Church Woodstock

“Once upon a time.” These words have been the start of countless stories. When we hear “once upon a time,” we know what will follow. A tale of adventure and wonder. A legendary story of heroes and villains. In the end, good triumphs over evil. And everyone lives happily ever after.

These tales have become familiar to us all. We know that the lowly pauper will turn out to be a prince. We know that the king will triumph over evil. The once cold, dead heart will become unfrozen. After a while, the story loses its wonder and excitement.

The Christmas story began once upon a time. We don’t want to forget the power of that story. How that baby born in a manger is our Prince of Peace. How King Jesus established a kingdom that will never end. How he restores the frozen hearts of people and gives them new life.

UnFrozen Christmas Program is a collection of skits, songs, and readings to transform the same old “once upon a time” into a playful presentation of joyful worship, and fresh examination of the story of Jesus’ birth.

Do you want to meet a Saviour?

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