9/11 Appreciation Sunday 2016

Appreciation Sunday RibbonOn September 11th at 6 pm, Calvary Church will be hosting an “Appreciation Sunday” service, honouring the 911 First Responders (Police, Emergency Medical, Fire) who serve our community.  This will be an opportunity for the community of Woodstock and the surrounding areas to say “Thank You” for keeping us safe.  We want them to know how much we appreciate that they have chosen a vocation to run toward the dangerous situations that most of us would rather run away from.

fireTpoliceemshe 911 Appreciation Sunday service will also have a time of recognition for the family members of these First Responders who support them on the homefront through the stresses of their work.  We will be sharing a token of appreciation along with a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving for our First Responders.   The open invitation extends to all community members to attend and show their support.  This a community event; people of any religion/belief can feel welcome to attend and celebrate in this service.

In 2001, the words “September 11th” took on a new meaning. We will never forget the many civilian lives that were lost as people tried to escape the collapsing Twin Towers in New York. But we also remember the First Responders who ran toward what everyone else was running away from; many of these Police, Fire and Emergency Medical personnel sacrificed their lives while saving the lives of others. This has indelibly marked our North American history.

As First Responders 15 years later, the 9/11 numerical annotation of September 11th is not something that they just remember once a year; but it is something that they face with every 911 call for help.  While they may not need our support to fulfill their mandate, our community will be stronger as we support one another.  Let’s unite together in this community event!

Appreciation Sunday 2016 P EMS F


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