Frequently Asked Questions


If you are planning on visiting our church for the very first time, you may have some questions. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions, and the answers:

Q: What kind of church are you?

A: We are Pentecostal – that means that we believe that God interacts with people today just like He did in the New Testament, and that He cares very much about our day to day lives and the things we are going through.

Q: Is there some kind of dress code? Am I going to be out of place?

A: You are welcome to join us for service just as you are. No one is judged by their attire. In a typical service, many of our women will be wearing dresses or skirts and tops. Most of the men will be wearing slacks and dress shirts or pullovers, some wear suit coats.  You’ll also see a mixture of jeans and more casual wear.  In other words, wear what you feel comfortable in.  You will be welcomed!

Q: What happens during a service?

A: In a typical service, we open with prayer and a time to greet each other. We sing a mixture of traditional hymns and worship songs. You may see some people raising their hands in the air or clapping. This is an expression of praise toward God. You may even see people dancing or moving enthusiastically. We believe that it’s ok to be excited about God, and to have a great time in church.

We have a time of united prayer where we offer a chance for people to mention needs for which they want prayer. We then pray together as a church family – some people choose to pray audibly, and others silently.

During the service, you will have an opportunity to give in an offering. All contributions are entirely voluntary. We consider this to be an act of worship that comes from a desire to give, not an obligation to give.
There is usually a sermon after this – our pastor usually is the speaker, although we sometimes have guest speakers.

After the sermon, another chance is offered for prayer. Sometimes people walk to the front of the church for special prayer. Others choose to pray where they are seated.
As a visitor, you are welcome to participate in any or all of these activities according to how you desire to respond.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us with our convenient email form …