Back To School Kick Off

On Friday, September 6th at 7 PM, students from across the region will unite at Calvary Church Woodstock for a Back To School Rally at the onset of the new school year.  This annual event sets a spiritual tone for the students to make a positive impact in their classes and amongst their friends.

Kelvin Shaw of Stittsville, Ontario will be the guest speaker; he is the Ontario District Youth Secretary and is a dynamic youth speaker. Worship will be led by the worship team from Calvary Church Woodstock.

On Saturday, September 7th, the Back To School Kick Off will transition to the AYR Motor Centre from 1-4 PM; where there will be pizza, pop and chips as well as sports (Basketball, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Handball, etc – bring gym shoes).

Sunday, September 8th, culminates the Back To School Kick Off weekend with a “Youth Emphasis Day” at Calvary Church featuring the ministry of Kelvin Shaw at 10:30 am & 6:00 pm.

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