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“Prayers lay the tacks down on which God’s power can come. like a mighty locomotive, His power is irresistible, but it cannot reach us without rails”. Watchman Nee 
The following are a couple of testimonies of miracles because of prayers made by the Church. I chose to put this in a separate letter because they are lengthy, but I want you to know the results of your prayers. God hears our prayers and He is faithful to answer our cries for help. 
Prayer Requests and Praise Report : Reported by Christelle Smith 
Thank God for connecting us via the global village that the UPCI is!!!  
On Jan 5, 2016 the UPCSA General Superintendent received an email from a gentleman in WA, USA. This man was in distress!!! His niece had a horrible parra-sailing accident in Cape Town, South Africa the previous day and he was calling for prayer and assistance. The fact that Brittany Siguenz survived the accident was a miracle, but she was critically injured. 
Pastor Smith alerted Pastors in Cape Town area, and SANOP together we began praying for Brittany. When her parents arrived in SA later that week they were met by the UPC Pastors and have forged a special bond in this trying time. As time went by Brittany’s condition improved. Doctors were able to start reconstructive surgery. The bruising of her heart and brain bleeds reduced. Doctors were amazed that they were able to bring her out of the medically induced coma they kept Brittany in. The Pastors and saints rallied around the Siguenza family and we kept on praying.
Brittany kept on improving and by Wednesday Jan 27th her mom reported that “…. the last few days have been challenging since Bri has been fully up. She’s very emotional, frustrated, agitated and restless…. She’s no longer on a ventilator, just on the CPAP machine and breathing on her own…. So much progress to thank Jesus for!” 
Brittany had an unforeseen setback on Thursday January 28th and she needed emergency surgery to repair a torn artery at the base of her skull. Thank God, surgery was successful. We continue to pray and ask all to join us.
While Pastor Links and others visited with Brittany in ICU – they met the Gomes family from Namibia. Their son, Egdar Gomes – early 20’s – was admitted to ICU in the same hospital in Cape Town, seriously ill, and placed on full life support. Doctors were unable to diagnose the illness and correctly treat Edgar. Edgar’s parents saw the miraculous improvement in Brittany and asked Pastor Links to pray – and have those who are praying for Brittany, also pray for their son. South Africa Network of Prayer (SANOP ) alerted the prayer warriors and we started praying. Days later we received report that Edgar is no longer on life support machines, sitting in a chair, talking to his parents! We continue to pray, believing God for a complete recovery. 
Please join with us in praying for these two young people. 
ACTS 12:5- …”but fervent prayer was made to God by the church”
Democratic Republic of Congo
We glorify Jesus Christ for the connection established with A.N.O.P
Testimony of Victory in the Democratic Republic of Congo
1) Here are the results of prayers for the planting of the church at Doko in the Eastern part of the DRC, in spite of the war the Gospel is going forth in all the country. Thank you ANOP for your prayers, and we ask that you continue to pray for us. 
2) A young woman whose husband died of AIDS was also diagnosed with AIDS, but after prayer, God healed her and then the results came back negative.  
3) For several years, a young lady 18 years old has been diagnosed with internal cancer. Recently the doctor told her that she only had 2 to 3 weeks to live. It was obvious to the church that she had only a short time left to live.   
She was recently converted, and the church wanted her to be born again before she died. She came to the altar and received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in water in Jesus’ name the same day. That evening of the same day, the signs of cancer began to disappear, and now four months later, she attends church and is completely healed and saved too. 


Carolyn Adams 
ANOP Coordinator

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