Scott & Liane Grant Missionary letter

March 2015


      The more I travel, the deeper appreciation I have for the United Pentecostal Church! Since January started I (Scott) have been to Canton, Ohio and the districts of Louisiana, Georgia and Connecticut raising partner support for the greatest missions opportunity in North America: Quebec.

      Liane and I received 19 partner commitments in Alexandria, Louisiana alone. Thank you, Pastor Anthony Mangun and Because of the Times conference for your missionary zeal. Thanks also to Derald Weber and the North American Missions team in the state of Louisiana who have shown unflagging support for the Kingdom work in the province of Quebec.

       We would also like to express our appreciation to every one of our supporters who pray, give and inspire us to move forward in our quest to plant churches, and train and release workers.

       Thanks to Lane Coon of Atlanta, Georgia and Rick Perry of New Haven, Connecticut; both Metro Missionaries and great hosts who helped set up my travel schedule in their districts. We have a unified vision to reach the massive harvest field that is represented in our metropolitan areas.

       Imagine this: in the triangle-shaped region running south from Montreal to New York City then Northeast to Boston there are close to 30 million people. The harvest is great.  The laborers are our greatest need. Pray for laborers!

       The Winterfire Conference serves this region in a phenomenal way. I was grateful to be able to attend and connect with my coworkers in this unique and fertile field of the Northeast. This meeting serves as a pivotal hub to the ongoing work of the Kingdom in our area. It was a privilege also to help promote Purpose Institute at the conference. We are in our 5th year at the Montreal campus, with almost 70 students being trained for ministry.

       This month (March) I travel to Wisconsin for their district conference, where by faith and the great support of an awesome missions-minded district, our deputation travel will come to an end for this term. We have sixteen $50 monthly pledges left to raise. Thank you for praying, for giving and for believing in our vision.



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