Missions Newsletter

      June 2015        MissionMontreal.com


      Two passions of ours came together in one weekend recently as we celebrated a Purpose Institute graduation on Friday night and our monthly service in Quebec City on Saturday with a number of PI students, some regulars and two brand new visitors. These young men, Victor and Thomas, were open and inquisitive and responded very well to our follow-up this week. Please pray for them and our efforts in Quebec City as we move forward.
      Also, preliminary steps are being taken to begin ministry in two new locations, the first being Shawinigan, a city of 50,000 not far from Trois-Rivières. The second is Sherbrooke, with a population of 150,000, which has been on our radar for some time and where we have already taught Bible studies and have many active contacts.
       We are grateful for your support and appreciate your continued prayers for the Montreal South Shore church as it transitions. On July 11, we will celebrate this Metro Missions church plant’s 5th anniversary and officially install Hector Arriola as the new Pastor. The church is growing under his leadership and we are so thankful!



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