The Home Front

May 2015
The HomeFront
Checking in with your Church Planters
Church Planter Jerry Menchaca, with the support of several SoCal pastors, have “BeachSide Praise” in Santa Barbara. 140 youth were in attendance, & 3 received the Holy Ghost!


Daughter Works… Work
New Beginnings Apostolic Church in Hartsville, Tennessee recently acquired a new building. Having used a meeting room in a local Mexican restaurant for over a year, Pastor Robert & Laurie Harvey were ecstatic to have a new, if modest, building to have services in.
At the first service, two ladies received the Holy Ghost. One of the ladies was a result of the the outreach team’s efforts on the pre-launch Saturday. April saw some of the
 Pentecostal ladies knocking doors, and pulled her car over with a screech.  She ran over and asked if they were starting a Pentecostal Church. Further conversation revealed she was a backslider, and had been praying that God would help her get her life straightened out. The invitation was given, and April prayed back through to the Holy Ghost on Sunday!

Carol had lived in Hartsville a long time, and was of the Baptist faith. Sister Harvey met her, taught her a Bible study, and Carol was baptized in Jesus name. She also received the Holy Ghost on this first Sunday in the new building!

The Harveys with Carol
New Beginnings is a Daughter Work from Church Alive in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.  Daughter Works Work!


Planter Posts


Jacob Hendrick, Mooresville, NC
4 first time visitors this week out of the blue. We finally had someone visit from Facebook marketing. 4 new Bible Studies starting this week.


Brandon Skelton, Mt. Pleasant, TN
We have been on site in Mt Pleasant, TN for almost 2 years. God placed us beside a store ran by 2 Indian families. 2 of the children come to our church now. Their parents thanked us last night and said the girls share with them the things they learn at church. A revival is happening in the Indian/Hindu community of Maury County.


JoeDon & Sarah Calhoun, Brookfield, WI

Brookfield is an upper class suburb of Milwaukee, with a population of 40,000, with 90% white, and the other 10% divided in tiny slivers of other races. Here’s what we currently have in church and Bible studies: white, black, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Sri Lankan, East Indian, and Nigerian. God is doing HIS work!



Melissa Fross, Metro Missionary to Quebec City

There is so much room for evangelism in our world! Since I’ve been deputizing, I’ve looked at church to population ratios.

Quebec population: 8.18 million

UPCI Churches (including 2 preaching points) 20

Ratio: 1 church:409,000 souls

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